SECTION 8110-8113

8110.  At least 15 days before the hearing of a petition for
administration of a decedent's estate, the petitioner shall serve
notice of the hearing by mail or personal delivery on all of the
following persons:
   (a) Each heir of the decedent, so far as known to or reasonably
ascertainable by the petitioner.
   (b) Each devisee, executor, and alternative executor named in any
will being offered for probate, regardless of whether the devise or
appointment is purportedly revoked in a subsequent instrument.

8111.  If the decedent's will involves or may involve a testamentary
trust of property for charitable purposes other than a charitable
trust with a designated trustee resident in this state, or involves
or may involve a devise for charitable purposes without an identified
devisee, notice of hearing accompanied by a copy of the petition and
of the will shall be served on the Attorney General as provided in
Section 1209.

8112.  A general personal representative shall give notice of
administration of the estate of the decedent to creditors under
Chapter 2 (commencing with Section 9050), and to public entities
under Chapter 5 (commencing with Section 9200), of Part 4.

8113.  If a citizen of a foreign country dies without leaving a will
or leaves a will without naming an executor, or if it appears that
property will pass to a citizen of a foreign country, notice shall be
given to a recognized diplomatic or consular official of the foreign
country maintaining an office in the United States.