SECTION 9920-9923

9920.  If it is to the advantage of the estate to exchange property
of the estate for other property, the personal representative may,
after authorization by order of court obtained under this chapter and
upon such terms and conditions as may be prescribed by the court,
exchange the property for the other property. The terms and
conditions prescribed by the court may include the payment or receipt
of part cash by the personal representative.

9921.  To obtain an order under this chapter, the personal
representative or any interested person shall file a petition
containing all of the following:
   (a) A description of the property.
   (b) The terms and conditions of the proposed exchange.
   (c) A showing that the proposed exchange is to the advantage of
the estate.

9922.  (a) Except as provided in subdivision (b), notice of the
hearing on the petition shall be given as provided in Section 1220.
   (b) If the petition is for authorization to exchange securities as
defined in Section 10200 for different securities, the court, upon a
showing of good cause, may order that the notice be given for a
shorter period or that the notice be dispensed with. The order
provided by this subdivision may be made ex parte.

9923.  No omission, error, or irregularity in the proceedings under
this chapter shall impair or invalidate the proceedings or the
exchange made pursuant to an order made under this chapter.