SECTION 3720-3722

3720.  If an absentee executed a power of attorney that expires
during the period that occasions absentee status, the power of
attorney continues in full force and effect until 30 days after the
absentee status is terminated. Any person who acts in reliance upon
the power of attorney when accompanied by a copy of a certificate of
missing status is not liable for relying and acting upon the power of

3721.  For the purposes of Chapter 5 (commencing with Section 4300)
of Part 2 of Division 4.5, in the case of a principal who is an
absentee, an attorney-in-fact or third person shall be deemed to be
without actual knowledge of the following:
   (a) The principal's death or incapacity while the absentee
continues in missing status and until the attorney-in-fact or third
person receives notice of the determination of the absentee's death
by the secretary concerned or the head of the department or agency
concerned or the delegate of the secretary or head.
   (b) Revocation by the principal during the period described in
subdivision (a).

3722.  If after the absentee executes a power of attorney, the
principal's spouse who is the attorney-in-fact commences a proceeding
for dissolution, annulment, or legal separation, or a legal
separation is ordered, the attorney-in-fact's authority is revoked.
This section is in addition to the provisions of Sections 4154 and