SECTION 20200-20201

20200.  Except where the context otherwise requires, the following
definitions shall govern the construction of this chapter:
   (a) "Generation-skipping transfer tax" means a tax imposed by any
federal or California generation-skipping transfer tax law, now
existing or hereafter enacted, and includes interest and penalties on
any deficiency.
   (b) "Property" means property on which a generation-skipping
transfer tax is imposed.
   (c) "Transferee" means any person who receives, who is deemed to
receive, or who is the beneficiary of, any property.
   (d) "Trustee" means any person who is a trustee within the meaning
of the federal generation-skipping transfer tax law, or who is
otherwise required to pay a generation-skipping transfer tax.
   (e) "Value" means fair market value as determined for
generation-skippi ng transfer tax purposes.

20201.  (a) This chapter does not apply to transferees of property
of a decedent who died before January 1, 1987.
   (b) No inference as to the applicable law in effect before January
1, 1987, shall be drawn from the enactment of this chapter.