SECTION 380-383

380.  (a) A fiduciary who is or will be engaged in war service may
delegate the fiduciary's powers, including discretionary powers, to a
fiduciary who is not engaged in war service. Delegation may be made
for the period during which the original fiduciary is engaged in war
service and not to exceed six months following the expiration of that
   (b) Approval of the court, on petition of the original fiduciary,
the delegate, or an interested person, is required for delegation.

381.  The right of delegation does not exist to the extent the court
determines that powers to be delegated are purely personal to the
original fiduciary.

382.  After the expiration of the original fiduciary's war service,
the court may, on petition of the original fiduciary, authorize the
original fiduciary to resume the exercise of the fiduciary functions,
and the delegated powers cease.

383.  The original fiduciary is not liable for the acts or omissions
of the delegate.