SECTION 650-652

650.  (a) The donee of a general power of appointment may make an
   (1) Of all of the appointive property at one time, or several
partial appointments at different times, where the power is
exercisable inter vivos.
   (2) Of present or future interests or both.
   (3) Subject to conditions or charges.
   (4) Subject to otherwise lawful restraints on the alienation of
the appointed interest.
   (5) In trust.
   (6) Creating a new power of appointment.
   (b) The listing in subdivision (a) is illustrative, not exclusive.

651.  Subject to the limitations imposed by the creating instrument,
the donee of a special power may make any of the types of
appointment permissible for the donee of a general power under
Section 650.

652.  (a) Except as provided in subdivision (b), the donee of a
special power of appointment may appoint the whole or any part of the
appointive property to any one or more of the permissible appointees
and exclude others.
   (b) If the donor specifies either a minimum or maximum share or
amount to be appointed to one or more of the permissible appointees,
the exercise of the power must conform to the specification.