SECTION 1220-1221

1220.  (a) When notice of hearing is required to be given as
provided in this section:
   (1) At least 15 days before the time set for the hearing, the
petitioner or the person filing the report, account, or other paper
shall cause notice of the time and place of the hearing to be mailed
to the persons required to be given notice.
   (2) Unless the statute requiring notice specifies the persons to
be given notice, notice shall be mailed to all of the following:
   (A) The personal representative.
   (B) All persons who have requested special notice in the estate
proceeding pursuant to Section 1250.
   (3) Subject to Section 1212, the notice shall be addressed to the
person required to be given notice at the person's place of business
or place of residence.
   (b) Subject to subdivision (c), nothing in this section excuses
compliance with the requirements for notice to a person who has
requested special notice pursuant to Chapter 6 (commencing with
Section 1250).
   (c) The court for good cause may dispense with the notice
otherwise required to be given to a person as provided in this

1221.  Where notice of hearing is required but no other period or
manner is prescribed by statute, unless the period or manner of
giving the notice is ordered by the court or judge, the notice of
hearing shall be given for the period and in the manner provided in
Section 1220.