SECTION 2600-2601

2600.  As used in this chapter, unless the context otherwise
   (a) "Conservator" means (1) the conservator of the estate or (2)
the limited conservator of the estate to the extent that the powers
and duties of the limited conservator are specifically and expressly
provided by the order appointing the limited conservator.
   (b) "Estate" means all of the conservatee's or ward's personal
property, wherever located, and real property located in this state.
   (c) "Guardian" means the guardian of the estate.

2601.  (a) Unless otherwise ordered by the court, if the ward or
conservatee is employed at any time during the continuance of the
guardianship or conservatorship:
   (1) The wages or salaries for such employment are not a part of
the estate and the guardian or conservator is not accountable for
such wages or salaries.
   (2) The wages or salaries for such employment shall be paid to the
ward or conservatee and are subject to his or her control to the
same extent as if the guardianship or conservatorship did not exist.
   (b) Any court order referred to in subdivision (a) is binding upon
the employer only after notice of the order has been received by the