SECTION 700-704

700.  Unless the provision or context otherwise requires, the
definitions in this chapter govern the construction of this part.

701.  "Attorney" means an individual licensed to practice law in
this state.

702.  "Deposit" means delivery of a document by a depositor to an
attorney for safekeeping or authorization by a depositor for an
attorney to retain a document for safekeeping.

703.  "Depositor" means a natural person who deposits the person's
document with an attorney.

704.  "Document" means any of the following:
   (a) A signed original will, declaration of trust, trust amendment,
or other document modifying a will or trust.
   (b) A signed original power of attorney.
   (c) A signed original nomination of conservator.
   (d) Any other signed original instrument that the attorney and
depositor agree in writing to make subject to this part.