SECTION 11900-11904

11900.  (a) The court shall order property that is not ordered
distributed to known beneficiaries to be distributed to the state.
   (b) Insofar as practicable, any real property or tangible personal
property shall be converted to money before distribution to the

11901.  If the court orders distribution of property in the decedent'
s estate to the state, and the order includes words that otherwise
create a trust in favor of unknown or unidentified persons as a
class, the distribution shall vest in the state both legal and
equitable title to the property.

11902.  (a) If the court orders distribution to the state, the
personal representative shall promptly:
   (1) Deliver any money to the State Treasurer.
   (2) Deliver any personal property other than money to the
Controller for deposit in the State Treasury.
   (3) Cause a certified copy of the order to be recorded in the
office of the county recorder of each county in which any real
property is located.
   (b) At the time of making a delivery of property or recordation
under this section, the personal representative shall deliver to the
Controller a certified copy of the order for distribution together
with a statement of the date and place of each recording and other
appropriate recording information.

11903.  (a) Property distributed to the state shall be held by the
Treasurer for a period of five years from the date of the order for
distribution, within which time any person may claim the property in
the manner provided by Title 10 (commencing with Section 1300) of
Part 3 of the Code of Civil Procedure.
   (b) A person who does not claim the property within the time
prescribed in this section is forever barred, and the property vests
absolutely in the state, subject to the provisions of Title 10
(commencing with Section 1300) of Part 3 of the Code of Civil

11904.  No deposit of property in an estate shall be made in the
county treasury by a personal representative if any other property in
the estate is to be or has been distributed to the state under this
chapter, but the property that would otherwise be deposited in the
county treasury shall be transmitted promptly to the State Treasurer
or Controller as provided in this chapter.