SECTION 19200-19205

19200.  (a) Except as provided in this chapter, a claim by a public
entity shall be filed within the time otherwise provided in this
part. A claim not so filed is barred, including any lien imposed for
the claim.
   (b) As used in this chapter, "public entity" has the meaning
provided in Section 811.2 of the Government Code, and includes an
officer authorized to act on behalf of the public entity.

19201.  (a) Notwithstanding any other statute, if a claim of a
public entity arises under a law, act, or code listed in subdivision
   (1) The public entity may provide a form to be used for the
written notice or request to the public entity required by this
chapter. Where appropriate, the form may require the decedent's
social security number, if known.
   (2) The claim is barred only after written notice or request to
the public entity and expiration of the period provided in the
applicable section. If no written notice or request is made, the
claim is enforceable by the remedies, and is barred at the time,
otherwise provided in the law, act, or code.

      Law, Act, or Code         Applicable Section
  Sales and Use Tax Law
  (commencing with            Section 6487.1 of the
  Section 6001 of the         Revenue and Taxation
  Revenue and Taxation        Code
  Bradley-Burns Uniform
  Local Sales and Use Tax     Section 6487.1 of the
  Law (commencing with        Revenue and Taxation
  Section 7200 of the         Code
  Revenue and Taxation
  Transactions and Use
  Tax Law (commencing         Section 6487.1 of the
  with Section 7251 of        Revenue and Taxation
  the Revenue and             Code
  Taxation Code)
  Motor Vehicle Fuel
  License Tax Law             Section 7675.1 of the
  (commencing with            Revenue and Taxation
  Section 7301 of the         Code
  Revenue and Taxation
  Use Fuel Tax Law
  (commencing with            Section 8782.1 of the
  Section 8601 of the         Revenue and Taxation
  Revenue and Taxation        Code
  Administration of
  Franchise and Income        Section 19517 of the
  Tax Law (commencing         Revenue and Taxation
  with Section 18401 of       Code
  the Revenue and
  Taxation Code)
  Cigarette Tax Law
  (commencing with            Section 30207.1 of
  Section 30001 of the        the Revenue and
  Revenue and Taxation        Taxation Code
  Alcoholic Beverage Tax
  Law (commencing             Section 32272.1 of
  with Section 32001 of       the Revenue and
  the Revenue and             Taxation Code
  Taxation Code)
  Unemployment Insurance      Section 1090 of the
  Code                        Unemployment
                              Insurance Code
  State Hospitals for the
  Mentally Disordered         Section 7277.1 of the
  (commencing with            Welfare and
  Section 7200 of the         Institutions Code
  Welfare and
  Institutions Code)
  Medi-Cal Act
  (commencing with            Section 9202 of the
  Section 14000 of the        Probate Code
  Welfare and
  Institutions Code)
  Waxman-Duffy Prepaid
  Health Plan Act
  (commencing with            Section 9202 of the
  Section 14200 of the        Probate     Code
  Welfare and
  Institutions Code)

19202.  (a) If the trustee knows or has reason to believe that the
deceased settlor received health care under Chapter 7 (commencing
with Section 14000) or Chapter 8 (commencing with Section 14200) of
Part 3 of Division 9 of the Welfare and Institutions Code, or was the
surviving spouse of a person who received that health care, the
trustee shall give the State Director of Health Services notice of
the death of the deceased settlor or surviving spouse in the manner
provided in Section 215.
   (b) The director has four months after notice is given in which to
file a claim.

19203.  If property in the trust is distributed before expiration of
the time allowed a public entity to file a claim, the public entity
has a claim against the distributees to the full extent of the public
entity's claim or each distributee's share of the distributed
property, as set forth in Section 19402, whichever is less. The
public entity's claim against distributees includes interest at a
rate equal to that specified in Section 19521 of the Revenue and
Taxation Code, from the date of distribution or the date of filing
the claim by the public entity, whichever is later, plus other
accruing costs as in the case of enforcement of a money judgment.

19204.  Nothing in this chapter shall be construed to affect the
order of priority of debts provided for under other provisions of

19205.  This chapter does not apply to liability for the restitution
of amounts illegally acquired through the means of a fraudulent,
false, or incorrect representation, or a forged or unauthorized