SECTION 11640-11642

11640.  (a) When all debts have been paid or adequately provided
for, or if the estate is insolvent, and the estate is in a condition
to be closed, the personal representative shall file a petition for,
and the court shall make, an order for final distribution of the
   (b) The court shall hear and determine and resolve in the order
all questions arising under Section 21135 (ademption by satisfaction)
or Section 6409 (advancements).
   (c) If debts remain unpaid or not adequately provided for or if,
for other reasons, the estate is not in a condition to be closed, the
administration may continue for a reasonable time, subject to
Chapter 1 (commencing with Section 12200) of Part 11 (time for
closing estate).

11641.  When an order settling a final account and for final
distribution is entered, the personal representative may immediately
distribute the property in the estate to the persons entitled to
distribution, without further notice or proceedings.

11642.  Any property acquired or discovered after the court order
for final distribution is made shall be distributed in the following
   (a) If the order disposes of the property, distribution shall be
made in the manner provided in the order. The court may, in an
appropriate case, require a supplemental account and make further
instructions relating to the property.
   (b) If the order does not dispose of the property, distribution
shall be made either (1) in the manner ordered by the court on a
petition for instructions or (2) under Section 12252 (administration
after discharge) if the personal representative has been discharged.