SECTION 12540-12542

12540.  (a) If a person dies while domiciled in a sister state, the
court in an ancillary administration proceeding may make an order for
preliminary or final distribution of all or part of the decedent's
personal property in this state to the sister state personal
representative if distribution is in the best interest of the estate
or interested persons.
   (b) The court order shall be made in the manner and pursuant to
the procedure provided in, and is subject to the provisions of,
Chapter 1 (commencing with Section 11600) of Part 10.

12541.  If necessary to make distribution pursuant to this article,
real property in the nondomiciliary decedent's estate may be sold and
the court may order the proceeds to be distributed to the sister
state personal representative. The sale shall be made in the same
manner as other sales of real property of a decedent.

12542.  If the nondomiciliary decedent's estate in the sister state
where the decedent was domiciled is insolvent, distribution may be
made only to the sister state personal representative and not to the