3700.  As used in this chapter:
   (a) "Absentee" is defined in Section 1403.
   (b) "Certificate of missing status" means the official written
report complying with Section 1283 of the Evidence Code and showing
the determination of the secretary of the military department or the
head of the department or agency concerned or the delegate of the
secretary or head that the absentee is in missing status.
   (c) "Eligible spouse" means the spouse of an absentee who has not
commenced an action or proceeding for judicial or legal separation,
annulment, adjudication of nullity, or dissolution of the marriage of
the spouse and the absentee.
   (d) "Family of an absentee" means an eligible spouse, if any, or
if no eligible spouse, the child or children of an absentee, equally,
or if no child or children, the parent or parents of an absentee,
equally, provided these persons are dependents of the absentee as
defined in Section 401 of Title 37 of the United States Code, and the
guardian of the estate or conservator of the estate of any person
bearing such relationship to the absentee.
   (e) "Secretary concerned" is defined in Section 1440.