SECTION 12510-12513

12510.  Any interested person, or a sister state or foreign nation
personal representative, may commence an ancillary administration
proceeding by a petition to the court for either or both of the
   (a) Probate of the nondomiciliary decedent's will.
   (b) Appointment of a local personal representative.

12511.  The proper county for an ancillary administration proceeding
under this chapter is the county determined pursuant to Section

12512.  Notice of an ancillary administration proceeding shall be
given and, except as provided in Article 2 (commencing with Section
12520), the same proceedings had as in the case of a petition for
probate of a will or appointment of a personal representative of a
person who dies domiciled in this state.

12513.  If the decedent dies while domiciled in a sister state, a
personal representative appointed by a court of the decedent's
domicile has priority over all other persons except where the
decedent's will nominates a different person to be the personal
representative in this state. The sister state personal
representative may nominate another person as personal representative
and the nominee has the same priority as the sister state personal