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Probate Certification & Lead Program by the #1 California Probate Attorney

Watch the video below to see how the program is going to help you get more business whether you're a Realtor or an investor

Probate Attorney, Speaker, and Real Estate Educator
Paul Horn

By popular demand, I'm bringing back my probate certification and lead program

This program is designed specifically for California real estate professionals and investors seeking to add probate to their portfolio of business.There are three parts of the program:


Familiarize yourself with the probate process and get ready to represent probate sellers or buyers. Understand which properties are ideal for investors.


Get ALL probate leads for 5 Southern CA counties delivered every Monday. For a limited time, we won't restrict how many leads you can download!

Ongoing Coaching

Participate in a bi-weekly 1-hour webinar with Paul Horn and ask all the probate questions directly with the #1 probate attorney in California.

Web price $699 ONLY $499.99

Includes access to the online probate course, hundreds of sample marketing materials, probate certification, one month of FREE bi-weekly coaching webinars and one month of FREE probate leads. $49.99/month after the first month, unless cancelled.

Probate certification

An in-depth probate course which breaks down every aspect of probate from the real estate agent's and investor's point of view. No more, no less!

The good news is that a lof of what happens in probate is handled by attorneys. You don't have to worry about this part!

As a real estate professional, you only have to understand the basics of probate and learn some essential probate vocabulary. This way, you can be confident during your listing presentations as well as when dealing with probate attorneys and real estate agents representing the other side of the transaction or if you simply wish to buy the property.

Once you sign up for the program, you will gain access to the members' area of our website. The members area features several hours of video content not available anywhere else.

Once you're done watching the training videos, you will be ready to take a short quiz. When you pass the quiz (you'll have unlimited tries to pass it), you will be awarded the certificate.

Probate leads

You will receive fresh, hand-picked probate leads for five counties: Los Angeles, Orange, Riverside, San Bernardino, and San Diego. The only way to obtain probate leads is to visit each probate court (there's one per county), sit at their computer and copy them one-by-one. I've personally hired a team of meticulous information processors who go to each probate court and collect probate leads every week.

For a limited time, we are not restricting how many leads you can downlaod. For a low monthly fee, you'll get ALL available leads for 5 counties, every single week! We might decide to restrict the number of leads you can download each week in the future, so hurry up and sign up for the program today.

First month of leads is FREE! After that, you can continue the program for $49.99.month.This price includes a bi-weekly Q&A webinar with the #1 Probate attorney in Southern California, Paul Horn. (Keep scrolling for the description of the webinar.)

The leads are all delivered on an Excel spreadsheet on a weekly basis. The spreadsheet can easily be sorted or used as part of a mail merge process to contact of the personal representative.

Each Excel spreadsheet includes the following crucial information:

  • the address of the house that needs to be sold (or bought)
  • the personal representative's address
  • the personal representatives telephone number (if filed with the court)
  • the personal representative is the person with the court authority to sell the house
  • the type of authority the personal representative has requested (either limited authority or full authority)
  • the applicable hearing date which grants the authority
  • the value of the house and the mortgage on the house
  • the beneficiary or beneficiaries of the estate
  • the date the probate case was filed
  • the name, address, and email of the probate attorney handling the case
  • the probate case number

Bi-Weekly Coaching by the #1 Probate Attorney in California

As long as you continue your subscription, you will have access to my bi-weekly webinar. During the webinar, you will be able to ask probate-related questions. I will also update my coaching students on new probate laws and anything I see valuable to your continuous success as probate agents. All the technical details are published in the members' area and will be available to you immediately after signing up.

Web price $699 ONLY $499.99

Includes access to the online probate course, hundreds of sample marketing materials, probate certification, one month of FREE bi-weekly coaching webinars, and one month of FREE probate leads. $49.99/month after the first month, unless cancelled.